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Loanzify – An online platform offering interactive mortgage calculators envisioned a platform that could integrate real-time data to provide users with a personalized and comprehensive mortgage analysis. 

The challenges are:

Data Accessibility: Accessing real-time data from banks, each with its own stringent protocols and firewalls, was a significant hurdle.

Data Privacy and Security: Integrating with banks posed potential risks of data breaches, and ensuring the security and privacy of users’ financial data was paramount.

Regulatory Hurdles: Different regions have varying regulations concerning accessing and using bank data, adding complexity to the integration process.

Data Consistency: Banks have different data structures, making it challenging to ensure consistency in fetched data.


Building Secure Bridges: LARION collaborated directly with banks to develop secure API integrations, ensuring that real-time data could be fetched seamlessly while adhering to the banks’ security protocols.

Personalized Mortgage Analysis: Using the real-time bank data, LARION enabled Loanzify to offer tailored advice to users, considering their current financial status and history. This ensured that the mortgage suggestions were not just generic but truly customized to each user’s financial situation.

End-to-End Encryption: Advanced encryption techniques were implemented to ensure data security during transit and storage.

Data Harmonization: Algorithms were developed to standardize the data fetched from different banks, ensuring consistent and personalized mortgage analyses.




Truly Personalized Advice: With the integration of real-time bank data, Loanzify could offer advice that was genuinely
tailored to each user’s financial situation, leading to higher user satisfaction and trust. This includes details like monthly payments, APRs, and even local property tax.


Seamless Bank Data Integration: Users could easily link their bank accounts and fetch data for a comprehensive and personalized mortgage analysis.


Increased User Trust: Transparent data practices and secure integrations bolstered user trust in Loanzify’s platform.

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