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Industry: Healthcare

Location: USA

Project size: 200+ man-month

Technologies we use:


GHX is a platform that connects healthcare providers and suppliers so they can work together electronically.

It is estimated that the market for medical – surgical products in the US always has a lot of changes every year. This had increased the pressure on GHX’s current system, which could not update data continuously, creating a lot of item master errors, affecting operational and financial performance. Not only that, the contract pricing discrepancies also caused overpayments and lost revenue due to missed reimbursement. GHX was hoping for a more modern system that would help them handle all those issues and make their platform a powerful weapon, effectively supporting suppliers and partners, so they did find LARION.


LARION came up with NuVia – a smarter healthcare supply chain data management solution which takes data management to next level. This is a cloud-based VIM (virtual item master), with NuVia users can:

  • Access to the catalog of more than 800,000 items industrywide
  • Remove, add in and customize data
  • Insight report of spending
  • Data is synced, cleaned, and enriched automatically
  • Maintain multiple data descriptions
  • Link HCPCS codes to products
  • Incorporate item update and GSDN attributes into systems, relevance and consistency



Up-to-date product information


Easily check purchase orders and the sellers


Lower supply cost through higher contract utilization


Reduce transaction errors


Align every supply chain activity with financial and clinical goals


Link item master to GDSN attributes, including Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)


Great savings up to 87% for 1 client after 12 months.

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