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Industry: Marketing

Location: Japan

Project size: 15 man-month

Technologies we use:


monetrack is an emerging game-changer in the Japan media industry that provides advertisers with an effective marketing solution through its Japanese affiliate network and tools, including payment and online marketing solution.

Wanting to have rich connection between advertisers and publishers, facilitate transactions, make it easy to manage and tracking to increase competition with other popular networks. They were searching for an established reliable tech outsourcing partner to fill their skills gap.


LARION set up monetrack’s system as a reactive, entirely web-based platform so that users can easily access across platforms and devices at any time.
The system consists of 3 main modules:
• Multi-functional Admin
• Cutting-edge Affiliate
• Data-driven Merchant
Users may quickly issue invoices, charge merchants, and pay affiliates thanks to the Commission and Payment service.
An email notification function is integrated to send to users if there is any charging and payment problems.



In less than a year, approximately 7,000 affiliates have joined the Monetrack network


Currently, 90% of Monetrack’s users are satisfied with the service

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