Pic Project Management – 7 Keys to Success

Project Management – 7 Keys to Success

“7 Keys to success” is an effective and efficient approach assessing and evaluating your project status across the life cycle. With three different color code (Red/Yellow/Green) reporting mechanism, stack holders could be easily aware of the status or issues in each category through the defined dash board.Related Articles:http://www.slideshare.net/kibonde/ibm-the-7-keys-to-success-momodar  

Pic IBM’s Seven Keys of Success

IBM’s Seven Keys of Success

IBM's own transformation as a competent and reliable global sourcing partner (supplier) involved refining and emphasising its internal 'project' perspective on high-tech production. They recognised that successful projects were the key to IBM's continued success. IBM had a catalogue the practices and techniques observed to be effective on the many hundreds of internal projects, both successful and unsuccessful projects, and pr ...

Pic What are the Keys to Project Success

What are the Keys to Project Success

What are the key success factors to ensure project success. How will you know if your project is on track or off track. Do you trust your project metrics to give you the full story. In this episode of CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I will be talking about just those things and many more. Join me today on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley.Related Articles:http://jeffreyhurley.com/2013/41-what-are-the-keys-to-project-succe ...