Data Management Services

Translating your data into value-rich business intelligence

Collecting, processing, organizing and storing data are mission-critical activities in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Insights and analytics are the building blocks of business intelligence  which, for any growing enterprise, is a must-have competitive advantage.


At LARION, we know the in-house data management process isn’t that simple. It’s time-consuming, expensive and tediously difficult. In fact, making sense of an ever-growing database is almost impossible without the technical support of data experts on payroll. Luckily, we already have that covered.


LARION offers a streamlined, simpler and more effective service customized specifically to your business needs. By outsourcing data management to us, we empower you to focus on value-added workflows while we do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. With a firm foundation of industry best practices, certified competencies and decades of expertise, our team grows alongside yours and helps you make the most of your data every step of the way.


Benefits of our data management services

Don’t worry about recruiting your own team of expert data scientists — use ours instead. Entrust us to augment your in-house capabilities with our industry-leading competencies, managing every aspect of data management from start to finish. Our data analytics consulting team will provide intelligent solutions and recommendations tailored directly to your organization.

 Need a hand? No problem. Outsourcing data management gives you access to a massive technical and customer support team dedicated solely to helping you reach your objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible

Today’s enterprises need to react on a dime to market changes and customer requirements. As your outsourcing firm, LARION allows you to scale data effortlessly to meet evolving business needs, remain agile and optimize processes.

Outsourcing data management to a managed service provider can reduce capital expenditures. That means you can reinvest funds in the business, fueling long-term growth. Best of all, your stakeholders have more time to focus on innovating new service offerings for your customers.

A well-executed data management process ensures your sensitive information doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands. Our data experts use proven best practices, competencies and data security methods to keep your information safe at all times.


Data management services tailored to your business needs

Data Collection and Preparation

A database is only as good as its data, which means you need to be certain your information is worth its weight in gold. At LARION, our data monitoring and processing services deliver the oversight you need to ensure each data instance is complete, consistent, accurate and valid once it's created.

We support your data governance initiatives by tracking data quality metrics and evaluating them against established standards and protocols. If data doesn’t meet the threshold, we’ll alert you and proactively take steps to mitigate the issue before it impacts your business.

Data Lake

Before processing is complete, raw data must be stored somewhere in its natural state. Enter the data lake — a repository for your unprocessed information. Outsourcing data management to LARION allows you to effortlessly store raw data streams of all shapes and sizes, after which it can be sampled for real-time analytics, insights and more.

Our teams help you dive into the data lake with complete confidence — all at a low cost. As a highly flexible service, you can leverage our data lake offering according to your business needs and specific objectives. 

Data Warehouse

Knowing is half the battle in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why it’s important to have high-quality information at your fingertips — right where you need it most. 


At LARION, our data warehousing solutions offer a safe and reliable way to aggregate data and use it to your advantage in a hurry. With access to a trusted repository of highly structured information, you can translate numbers into actionable business intelligence, improving your organizational decision-making in the process.

Data Migration

Successful enterprises grow over time. When they do, whether it be due to expansion or acquisition, critical business operations start to collide. You want them working in harmony, but disparate systems and datasets may not be singing the same tune. 


Our outsourced data management services ensure your data is safely migrated from start to finish. Through a system of data cleansing, modeling and more, we help you navigate this extremely delicate process to ensure data security and integrity are upheld every step of the way.

Data Management & Compliance

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Simultaneously, enterprises like yours are always under pressure to deliver timely, accurate and trusted reports as proof of compliance. How can you possibly keep up?

LARION knows how important data management and compliance are to your organization, which is why we take that weight off your shoulders. Through tried and tested best practices, we help you meet your regulatory requirements and generate consistent, high-quality reports no matter what type of data you need.

Data Governance

A well-crafted data governance framework is essential to unlocking the benefits of your digital transformation. Otherwise, it’s impossible to make any rhyme or reason out of your business analytics.

We help streamline data management across the organization, ensuring compliance with the necessary security and reporting standards required of your company.

Why outsource data analytics?

Over time, business owners have realized that in-house data management is no longer worth the hassle. Simply put, it’s too costly, difficult and distracting to do on your own. That’s where an outsourcing firm like LARION comes into play.

When you outsource data management, you’re offloading the burden of sourcing, validating, mastering and distributing data to a third-party service provider. That way, you can confidently leverage data analytics to your advantage and focus on growing your business. 

Bottom line: Every business needs data, but few know how to manage it. With LARION as your outsourcing partner, you’re free to develop new products and services, diversify revenue streams and reap the benefits of strategic analytics.