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Industry: Education

Location: Canada

Project size: 7 man-month

Technologies we use:


Querium was founded in January 2013 to help teens and adult learners master critical STEM skills, enabling them to achieve college and career goals.

They found it difficult to give broad access to students and schools to their platform. They also didn’t know how to streamline the student data which was fragmentary and inconsistent most of the time. Since the business was growing, they wanted to adopt a more modern IT solution to handle the said problems in a fastest and most effective way.


LARION developed a very user-friendly web-based platform to deliver the online tests to students, and to manage all data about schools, students, and results efficiently.



All of Querium’s students can quickly access to its platform.


90% of students using this platform have improved their score.


Querium’s staff can easily manage the test data of all students.


Nearly 25% of students using Querium platform attained college ready scores.

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