Software Testing Services

The assurance you need for the software you can’t live without

Imagine rolling out a new software product to your end users, only for it to be riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. That’s not only a software development nightmare, but also a surefire way to frustrate customers and embarrass your brand.

Moments like that are exactly what software testing services are designed to prevent. Without quality assurance, there’s no telling what types of bugs you may encounter. That said, most organizations don’t have an in-house testing process. Why? Because QA testing is usually outside their wheelhouse. Few businesses have the time, skill or resources required to field a team of expert testers.

Luckily, we do.

At LARION, our outsourced software testing services help organizations take the pain out of the QA process. From manual testing to automated testing and everything in between, we ensure your software product exceeds expectations inside and out. Using certified competencies and years of experience, our testing team runs your application through wringer to give you the utmost confidence in its functionality.

Benefits of our software testing services

Struggling to recruit a team of qualified testers? No worries, you already found us. With LARION, you gain a full team of QA testers who’ve seen and done it all before. Having completed test cases of all shapes and sizes, you can rest assured your software product is in safe hands.

Don’t panic if something goes awry. Simply call our dedicated testing team who can get to the bottom of your inquiry as fast as possible. As part of our outsourced testing and QA service, you can always lean on us to get the job done right.

Braving the QA process on your own isn’t easy. If anything goes wrong, it could seriously delay your release schedule. By outsourcing testing to a certified QA expert, you get the best test automation tools and frameworks in the industry, allowing you to streamline the testing process and deliver solutions faster than ever. Bottom line? No more missed deadlines.

Trust us, you don’t want to foot the bill when the time comes to rectify costly mistakes. With outsourced software testing services, you can confidently offload the work to a QA engineer knowing you’re getting the best of your budget. Better yet, you can keep bugs from happening in the first place.

At LARION, we know the value of an outsider’s perspective. That’s why we provide businesses with another set of eyes that not only look over the testing process, but also spot defects when they arise.

What good is a solution if your end users aren’t happy? None at all. Luckily, we have the skills and experience to identify areas of improvement and provide actionable recommendations wherever necessary.

You’re free to focus on core business objectives while we take care of test execution. That way, you can allocate more time and resources to fueling your company for many years to come.


Our end-to-end software testing services

Full Product Verification

There are two questions key when it comes to quality assurance and software development:

Are we building the right product?
Are we building the product right?

In other words, software testers need to verify whether or not the product they’re testing actually fulfills its intended purpose. At LARION, we do exactly that with our functional testing services. Through a process of performance and usability testing, we ensure your solution meets its requirements in every way, shape and form.

Test Planning & Test Execution

Our software testing team doesn’t approach anything without a concrete strategy in place to get it done right. For all test cases, our experts craft a detailed plan that outlines the processes involved in QA testing your software product. Think of it as a blueprint for how the tests will be conducted from start to finish.

We apply industry best practices and core competencies during test execution to identify bugs, errors and other potential issues. Then, we resolve known vulnerabilities and patch anything that could hinder your soluton’s performance.

Manual Testing

For moments when a personal touch is necessary, our software testers manually check the quality of your application — no automated tools or scripts whatsoever. This allows us to identify bugs with a finer comb, more rigorously testing the product and gaining deeper insight into its functionality.

Automated Testing

Test automation is an invaluable resource when it comes to QA testing. As part of our outsourced software testing services, we leverage automation to streamline the process, cut back on duplicative tasks and get to the bottom of your solution faster and more efficiently.

Why outsource software testing?

Software development without quality assurance is like building a house without a foundation: Technically it works, but there’s a much greater chance that everything will come toppling down. If it does, you’ll be stuck picking up the pieces.

Outsourced software testing services involve handing over the responsibility for QA testing to a reliable third-party vendor — i.e. LARION. Think of us as your designated QA engineer, working with you to keep your application’s four walls upright no matter the storm.

Whether it be performance testing or usability testing, we handle the complete spectrum of software testing services. Why? So that you don’t have to — simple as that.