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Industry: Energy 

Location: USA


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Blue Current’s charging stations were experiencing several issues, including reservation and state management problems, data transfer errors, and indefinite under voltage warnings. Additionally, the stations lacked a Plug and Charge feature and had issues with offline transaction stopping and error handling.


LARION assembled a team of experienced C++ developers, embedded systems engineers, and system analysts to address these challenges. They customized OCPP to address the specific needs of Blue Current’s charging stations and used their expertise in C++, WebSocket, Linux, RTOS, IoT protocols, and database management to troubleshoot issues, add new features, and enhance system performance.



The stations now handle reservations and state transitions correctly


Communicate more effectively with the central management system.


Offer a seamless Plug and Charge experience for users.


The improvements to voltage monitoring and offline transaction handling have enhanced the stations’ performance and reliability

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