Custom Enterprise Software Development Services

Lead the way with customer enterprise software designed to meet your business needs.

Critical business operations depend on digital transformation. The only problem? Technologies change at lightning speed. And, with more competitors flooding the market than ever before, your enterprise must stay ahead of the technological curve. Legacy systems and off-the-shelf software are all well and good, but growing enterprises need something more — a solution customized to their needs. The good news? We have exactly that. 

At LARION, we offer custom software development for enterprises requiring a bespoke software solution. Our dedicated development team builds your custom application from the ground up, delivering a tailor-made solution tied directly to an essential business need. We offer the full spectrum of application development, quality assurance, software maintenance and consulting services to ensure you’re set up for success with a scalable enterprise solution. 

Benefits of our custom software development services

Lean on our dedicated development team to build your enterprise application from start to finish. From design to deployment, our experts work alongside your company to develop the perfect solution according to your needs. Receive round-the-clock support and on-demand software maintenance from the engineers who built the solution themselves.

Equip your users with the competitive advantage they need to generate value and maximize productivity across key business operations. Custom-built apps and tools configured exactly to your specifications ensure your business is performing at its best.

Future-proof your enterprise and enable business agility by implementing a flexible solution that grows alongside your company. No longer will you be at the mercy of third-party updates and expansions. As your custom software developer, LARION ensures you’re always on the leading edge and can adapt as business needs change.

Internal software development is extremely complex and costly. It can take years to deploy a single solution if you don’t have the resources to do the job efficiently and according to budget. With LARION, you can rest assured your certified software developer has the skills and experience to avoid costly mistakes while building your bespoke enterprise application.

No more pricey licensing fees. With custom software development, you own the code — the solution is yours. You remain in control of costs without needing to worry about unexpected service fees. And, you can even license or sell it to other organizations to increase profitability. 


Our tailor-made software development services

Custom Application Development

Whether it’s custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) software or a mobile app, our experts develop enterprise-grade tools to help you manage and improve your business operations from top to bottom. We empower you to streamline your most mission-critical workflows by designing apps that integrate seamlessly with your digital assets, enabling a frictionless end-user experience at scale. 

Our custom software development service offers the flexibility you need to keep up with an ever-changing landscape. Capture data, optimize productivity and make the most of every opportunity — all enabled by your bespoke enterprise solution. 

Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing

What good is an enterprise application if it doesn’t meet your expectations? With LARION, you don’t have to worry about that. We ensure your custom software solution performs at its best — that way, you do, too. 

Through a process of unbiased analysis and rigorous testing, our team leverages numerous automation, agile and DevOps approaches to maximize your application’s power. From load and stress testing to bandwidth and capacity, we put your solution through the wringer, eliminating bottlenecks and vulnerabilities before they impact productivity. 

App Maintenance

Mission-critical apps aren’t something you can just “set and forget.” They need to be continuously monitored, maintained and modernized as your business grows. We work alongside your team to do exactly that. 

We leverage our extensive knowledge base and experience to support your custom application journey. With a flexible approach tailored to your unique business needs, we make regular performance improvements and fine-tune your solution wherever possible. Focus less on software maintenance and more on value-added business strategy.

API and System Integration Services

Don’t let disparate technologies and scattered apps stand in the way of growth. Allow LARION to enhance your IT infrastructure by integrating mission-critical technologies and enabling seamless cross-functional collaboration. 

We take your disconnected software — legacy applications included — and bridge the gap to ensure process continuity across your organization. The result? A fully integrated, highly efficient end-user experience.

Software Deployment

You want to get your tailor-made enterprise applications in your end-users’ hands as quickly as possible. LARION helps you do that with speed and confidence. We’ve cultivated an efficient continuous delivery process that reduces time to market and accelerates speed to value. 

Our experts make software deployment fast, easy and cost-effective. We develop an exhaustive and carefully designed plan to roll out your application for a safe and successful implementation. 

Software Migration

Migrations are a key piece of any digital transformation, but they’re also highly complex and risky. Our experts architect a custom software migration plan to execute the migration as seamlessly as possible. We use risk-averse techniques for data extraction, cleansing, verification, testing and implementation to minimize downtime and ensure your software is up, running and creating value for your company.

Why custom software development?

Speed. Efficiency. Value. You don’t get these things from an off-the-shelf solution, but you get them from LARION: one of the industry’s leading custom software development companies.

Custom enterprise software development is a process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining proprietary apps and solutions for a specific group of users — i.e., your business. As an alternative to pre-packaged software, a custom solution can be tailored exactly to your specific business operations, allowing you to optimize efficiency and beat out the competition. 

But, enterprise software development isn’t easy. It requires time, money and expertise that most growing businesses simply don’t have. Luckily, that’s where LARION steps in. When you outsource software development to us, you can pick from one of two models:

Dedicated Development Team

At LARION, you can trust our experts to assemble a dedicated development team with the skills and experience you need to get the job done right. We’ll find exactly the right people on our side and fully integrate them into your own team — that way, everyone stays on the same page and plays to each other’s strengths.

Project Development

Have an idea, but unsure how to make it happen? No problem. At LARION, we have the resources and expertise to kick off your project and see it through to fruition. Our team augments your own, working together to meet your project objectives and deliver positive outcomes every step of the way.