LARION is committed to providing sufficient resource in the maintenance and continuous improvement of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with international standard, to ensure Confidentiality (C), Integrity (I), Availability (A) of information assets and business continuity in delivering services to clients by:

  • Providing direction and support for information security in accordance with business requirements, regulations, legal requirements and contract requirements.
  • Stating the responsibilities of staff, partners, contractors and any other individual or organization having access to the LARION’s information assets .
  • Supporting top management and employees to maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and skill by mandated security information training.

LARION is committed to providing full resources in maintaining and improving continuously our Quality Management System in accordance with international standards, with a view to satisfying at the highest level customers’ requirements and the need for sustainable development of the company, by means of the following:

  • Activities for meeting or improving customer satisfaction, always as top priorities
  • Commitment by the Company’s Board of Directors to periodic reviews, in order to maintain and improve the performance of the Quality Management System for achieving the following objectives:
    • Satisfaction of existing customers’ requirements
    • Accordance with changes in business objectives and market demands
  • Heads of Departments being accountable for the quality of their respective products and services within the scope of their functions and tasks
  • Head of each Department / Project is accountable for developing / improving processes under his / her department to conform to LARION’s certified standards with support from Quality Management department (QM)
  • Head of each Department / Project is responsible for training, upgrading their employees to meet the requirements to do their jobs
  • QM is responsible for publishing and auditing the applications of processes in reality