Software Integration Services

Bridge the gaps in your infrastructure with a simplified integration solution

In a perfect world, you could add new apps and platforms to your technology stack without worrying about whether or not they can coexist. Sadly, that’s just a dream, and most organizations aren’t ready to wake up and smell the roses.

The truth is that many IT infrastructures are disconnected. Disparate systems often don’t work together when added piece by piece. Every application you implement — whether it’s an on-premise solution or cloud-based service — further fragments your ecosystem. The only answer? Software integration.

But, don’t get it twisted: Merging different applications into one common architecture is an essential business process, but it certainly isn’t easy. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here.

At LARION, we provide systems integration services to organizations that need help connecting the dots between mission-critical business applications. We guarantee seamless integration of new software and tools into your existing system. Using industry-leading expertise and decades of experience, our team closes the gaps in your infrastructure and empowers you to make the most of a seamless software integration.

Benefits of our software integration services:

Is software development and integration outside your wheelhouse? No worries, it’s well within ours. At LARION, we have certified teams of engineers ready to tackle your integration challenge, no matter how big or small.

Our software integration services help you realize your digital transformation’s full power. You can break down barriers by connecting your systems and allowing them to work to the best of their ability.

No more bottlenecks, roadblocks or disruptions. Your employees gain a significant boost in productivity when platforms perform at their best. Plus, by outsourcing the application integration to us, you have more time and energy to spend on core business initiatives.

A well-crafted integration solution can greatly reduce operational cost across the board. Not only is outsourcing more cost-effective than braving the challenge on your own, but it also enables you to increase existing assets’ ROI. Instead of replacing legacy systems with new software applications, you can invest that money back in the more deserving business areas.

Information silos are the bane of your employees’ existence. Break down these barriers and allow data to flow seamlessly across platforms. You can synchronize information across different applications and always stay on the same page when you have more information easily accessible.

The best part about all of your subsystems working together? It makes work easier. Employees can respond to requests faster, capitalize on opportunities more effectively and significantly boost the customer experience.


Our tailor-made software integration services

Data Integration

Data is one of your most valuable assets: Don’t risk it by starting a haphazard data integration project without the necessary knowledge to get the job done right.

We help organizations unlock their analytics’ potential by combining multiple data sources into a single accessible location. This way, you gain a consistent, high-quality database that empowers you to make the most of business intelligence every step of the way.

Enterprise Application Integration

Today’s fast-paced environment demands that critical business applications work in lockstep with one another. At LARION, we know that disparate systems can hold you back.

That’s why we offer Enterprise Application Integration. We take care to maintain data integrity and accessibility at all times, ensuring that your most essential solutions are working up to your standards. No matter the application type, you can rest easy knowing our engineers are optimizing them behind the scenes.

API Integration Services

The beauty of an open architecture is that APIs allow two different applications to easily exchange information. Our API integration services ease this process by building, customizing, synchronizing and integrating APIs according to your specific needs.

Need a custom-built API? No problem. Third-party integrations slowing you down? Piece of cake. Our extensive knowledge base gives us the foundation to uplift your apps and enhance functionality at every opportunity.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With a service-oriented architecture, you can reuse software components to piece together business applications, each one providing a different capability.

This process allows you to enjoy smoother information flows, enhanced functionality and much greater flexibility throughout your IT infrastructure.

Why outsource data software integration?

New technologies often generate new opportunities, but blindly adopting many different applications can also lead to unexpected inefficiencies. Software integration is crucial as it not only allows disparate systems to function side by side, but also empowers you to work more effectively.

You’re free of having to manage this complex and risky process all on your own when you outsource system integration to a third party. Instead, a service provider takes care of the integration on your behalf, connecting legacy systems with newer apps and vice versa.

LARION knows software integration is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With our system integration services, you can rest assured that your core business applications are in safe hands.