DevOps Management Services

Optimizing your development process for scalability and efficiency

Agility is everything in today’s rapidly changing business environment. In other words, every area of operation must be optimized, especially software development. Unfortunately, traditional approaches are missing the mark — luckily, that’s what DevOps is for. However, the DevOps process isn’t that simple. It requires in-house expertise, immense organizational change and an expensive long-term investment. LARION offers a smarter solution. With our DevOps managed services, you can successfully reap the benefits of continuous delivery without worrying about cost or complexity. As your one-stop shop for all things development, our DevOps experts will help you reinvent processes according to your business needs.

Benefit of our DevOps services

Our DevOps engineers aren’t just well-versed in the DevOps process — they’re certified professionals. We combine our extensive experience and agile methodologies to form a solid knowledge base around your company. Our team augments your in-house resources and guides you through the delivery cycle from beginning to end.

Our managed services accelerate software delivery using automation, regular testing, non-stop monitoring and continuous improvement. This speeds up deployment and helps you beat competitors to the punch at every opportunity. Plus, with less time dedicated to development, your team can focus on core business operations.

Managing complex environments at scale is a daunting task. Using automation, our DevOps service simplifies configuration management, allowing you to scale infrastructure up or down with ease and efficiency.

With a managed service, you can leverage the expertise of DevOps engineers — no infrastructure or staffing investments required. This frees up more capital that can be funneled back into other initiatives, reducing wasted resources and driving continuous growth.

By monitoring the delivery cycle in real time, our DevOps engineers can locate and fix errors that would hinder performance and quality. This also allows you to act, innovate, adapt to changing conditions and release updates with speed and confidence.

Don’t let compliance headaches drag you down. With our DevOps managed service, you can rest assured our DevOps experts are using tried and tested best practices and configuration techniques to keep your information protected at all times.

DevOps only works when teams are in sync. When you outsource DevOps to us, you don’t have to worry about communication silos holding you back.

Our DevOps managed services

End-to-end CI/CD Service

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) — two crucial parts of the modern DevOps process. Our start-to-finish DevOps automation service optimizes your CI/CD pipeline at every stage between kickoff and deployment.

The result? Faster delivery speed, increased code quality and greater flexibility. Best of all, it reduces costly errors, saving you major time and money overall.

Cloud Services

Whether they encompass the AWS, Azure or Google cloud platform, our managed services help you leverage the power of cloud infrastructure. We work alongside your team to develop a cloud strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

With industry-leading expertise, our engineers assess your existing cloud infrastructure, suggest optimizations and use DevOps tools to design and develop a high-quality cloud solution.

Release Management & Orchestration

By continuously monitoring your software delivery stack in real time, our DevOPs managed services empower you to rise above the competition and accelerate the deployment pipeline.

We provide the transparency you need to orchestrate release schedules and ensure production thresholds are met on time and to the standard you expect. Our release management service ensures all necessary steps are taken to identify problems and mitigate risks to keep your solution on track.

Complete Automation Service

Manual workflows are a thing of the past. Nowadays, automation is key to generating efficiencies and maximizing the value of your DevOps service. At LARION, we automate testing, provisioning and more to accelerate your processes and increase scalability. This allows iterative updates to roll out during development or any moment thereafter, improving your responsiveness to market changes and customer demand.

Containerization Service

Containers and DevOps go hand in hand. By packaging your software code and its required dependencies into one environment, our DevOps experts can help more effectively build, test, deploy and maintain applications at speed and scale. Containerized applications are inherently more flexible, making them perfect for dynamic environments.

Why outsource DevOps?

DevOps isn’t an overnight fix. It’s a lengthy process that requires time, money and expertise that most growing businesses simply don’t have. Many have tried and failed — that’s why more enterprises are outsourcing the job to managed service providers like LARION. Managed DevOps gives a third-party company full responsibility for designing, building and integrating the DevOps process into your organization. By outsourcing the burden of software development, deployment, monitoring and more, you gain the freedom to focus on innovating your business in other mission-critical areas.

But not just any partner will get the job done right. You want a managed service provider that will put you at a competitive advantage and can release software quickly and dependably. The good news? LARION does exactly that and more.