Mobile Application Development

Build the mobile app you want with the capabilities you need

Just about everyone these days owns a mobile device. From the iPhone to the Fitbit and everything in between, portable technologies have paved the way for mobile app development. Now, having realized the benefits that a custom app would offer their customers, businesses of all shapes and sizes are dead set on bespoke software development.


No surprise: It’s not that easy. Most organizations don’t have the time, money or manpower necessary to build a custom mobile app from scratch. And, even if they do, few have the experience necessary to optimize the application development process and deliver a mobile solution on time and under budget. The good news? LARION already has all of the above. 

At LARION, we combine the art and science of software development to help you build the mobile application of your dreams. With our end-to-end custom mobile app development services, you can focus on core business objectives while our team takes care of the rest. Our mobile app developers use industry best practices to design, handle UI/UX, produce and maintain secure, scalable solutions tailored exactly to your unique business needs.

Benefits of our custom app development services

Custom app development is hard, but at LARION, it’s simple. With our bespoke development service, you can leverage a team of certified and experienced mobile app developers who won’t just get to know your needs, they’ll go above and beyond by tailoring a solution to meet them. Access round-the-clock support whenever you need it with the assurance that industry best practices are guiding you in the right direction.

A custom mobile app is only as good as its user experience. With our mobile development service, we design your mobile application to optimize UX at every opportunity, creating a seamless and intuitive interface your users will love. As your developer, we utilize proven processes to keep your goals in mind and deliver outstanding results.

Don’t let sudden spikes hold you back. The beauty of custom software is that it’s built for flexibility, empowering you to accommodate upticks in traffic or a rapidly growing user base with ease. No downtime, no setbacks — just one highly scalable mobile solution.

Tired of cookie cutter mobile apps that all look and feel the same? So are we. That’s why we don’t build them. As your dedicated mobile app developer, we engineer a custom application made specifically for your business. Need a chat feature? No problem. File upload? You got it. Your wish is our command.

Say goodbye to siloed applications. The best mobile apps integrate with other third-party solutions to deliver an optimized user experience. Whether it be IoT, bluetooth or augmented reality, we work tirelessly to turn your mobile dream into reality.

In-house software development can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have a solid developer team. Our custom mobile app development services streamline the delivery cycle and help reduce time-to-market, saving money in the process.

As important as it is, application development is a big risk. Many enterprises have tried and failed, often with costly results. That’s why it pays to have someone in your corner who’s done it all before — a company like LARION. In short, we figured it out so that you don’t have to.

For the past two decades, we’ve helped clients in countries all around the world overcome their app development challenges. Guided by our commitment to trust, quality and satisfaction, we use proven methodologies and certifiable competencies to take your mobile solution to the next level.


Our application development services

Custom iOS and Android App Development

Two of the biggest names in mobile app development: iOS and Android. Whether you’re building an application for one or the other or even both, our team has you covered. No matter the mobile device, our developers have a breadth of experience designing innovative solutions for any and all systems.

Need an iOS app for an Apple Watch? We’re your best friend. Building a solution for Android tablets? Same deal — it doesn’t matter. Our app development service covers the full spectrum, allowing you to make the most of any opportunity.

Native and Cross-Platform Solutions

When it comes to native app development, look no further. At LARION, we pride ourselves on our ability to create native applications that don’t just look great, but deliver an exceptional user experience, too. Regardless of which app store you’re aiming for, we have the tools to get you there with speed and confidence.

As for cross-platform app development? That’s right in our wheelhouse. We use our competencies in industry-leading methodologies to streamline time-to-market for both iOS and Android app stores, ensuring you have quality mobile solutions in the process. No need to reinvent the wheel (or rewrite code) — we keep it moving from beginning to end.

UI/UX Design

When you examine the intersection of look, feel and functionality, you’ll see LARION. We take design seriously. Why? Because it’s more than how users see your custom mobile app, it’s how they use it.

Whatever’s necessary to improve user experience — whether it’s integrating certain features or improving the interface — we can find a way to make it happen. Our mobile app developers combine the power of aesthetics with superior software development to bring you a custom application that looks (and works) exactly as it should.

Consulting and Prototyping

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Custom app development is hard. Even if you have a staff of experienced developers in house, you may not always know how best to get started.

Enter LARION: Your one-stop shop for all things consulting. Our specialists augment your staff, guiding them through the mobile development process every step of the way. Leverage our unbiased assessments and third-party expertise to improve efficiency and build the application you’ve always wanted.

Automated QA and Testing

You’ve built a custom application. Now what? Unfortunately, the work isn’t over yet (or ever).

You still need to continuously test, maintain and update your application to keep it performing at its best. With LARION, you can rest assured that our experts are doing exactly that on your behalf. Using tried and tested methodologies and the power of automation, we put your mobile application through the wringer, guaranteeing it’s always up and running according to your expectations.

Why outsource app development ?

Most organizations think they have only two options: Bear the burden of custom app development on their own, or get a headstart using ready-to-go platforms. Either way, you’re bound to be disappointed. If you want a custom app that’s truly built to meet your needs, you need to start from the ground up.

Luckily, that’s our specialty. When you outsource custom mobile app development to LARION, you don’t have to lift a finger. As your developer, we manage every step of the journey from start to finish: app design, mobile UI/UX, development, testing, maintenance and more.

Think about it — you know your business, we know development. Together, we can build a custom application that doesn’t just suit your brand name, but also benefits your business.