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Industry: Banking 

Location: Vietnam

Project size: 10+ man-month/project

Technologies we use:


ANZ bank was one of the first foreign financial institutions to open in Vietnam since 1993.
During operation, they had built up more than 100 disjointed tools surround CBS led to multiple-step workflows & huge manual workload. These complicated processes caused data mismatch, lack of tracking and emails missing. To handle all those problems, ANZ was forced to ramp up its tech team while still ensuring time and cost-effective. So that they were searching for an outsourcing partner in the same time zone as their offices in Vietnam.


LARION helped ANZ Vietnam to address its Multi-System Madness by:
• Optimizing performance
• Grouping tools
• Code scanning for latent errors
LARION developed following tools: DPAT, SCCL, LIM, OFS, FSC and CBO.



A smoother and effective management system was built with automatic processing, flexible reporting & lean administration


The DPAT tool helps reduce time spent on processing a transaction from 60 to 45 minutes (25% reduction)

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