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Industry: Fintech

Location: Australia

Technologies we use:


Eastern & Allied, a dynamic fintech startup operating in the currency exchange space between Australia and several Asian countries, was dealing with an archaic system. The task at hand was complex: Eastern & Allied lacked prior experience in offshore outsourcing, their system required an extensive overhaul to conform to the stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for secure card transactions, and this updated system necessitated flawless integration with diverse banking platforms. All these upgrades needed to be executed without any disruption to the company’s current operations.


LARION gathered an adept offshore team that worked hand-in-hand with Eastern & Allied. With our comprehensive fintech domain expertise and broad managerial experience, we successfully navigated the company through the complex terrain of offshore outsourcing.

To surmount the technological challenges, we used advanced tools such as Java, React Native for cross-platform mobile app development, and React JS for web application development, enabling efficient code reusability across the platforms. We also incorporated Springboot, AWS, Jenkins, ArgoCD, MongoDB, Git, GitLab, and Bitbucket in our strategy. These tools were crucial in modernizing Eastern & Allied’s system, facilitating a smooth transition in line with PCI standards, and securing seamless integration with multiple banking platforms.



In merely six months, we developed and launched a newly revamped website, along with four mobile applications, for both iOS and Android platforms.


These applications were successfully published on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring robust connectivity with a variety of banking systems.


This rapid digital transformation was executed without any interference to Eastern & Allied’s ongoing operations.

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