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Understanding Cloud Computing


Cloud computing as an idea encapsulates a wide range of business and consumer services. At its most basic, cloud computing refers to using resources over the Internet that are housed somewhere else in the world for specific purposes.

Interacting with a cloud service is usually done through a web browser or command line interface. There is usually no software to install, no hardware to set up, and no data center to rent space from.

Google and Amazon were two of the earliest to the field of cloud computing, soon followed by Microsoft. The portfolio of products offered by cloud companies has matured and evolved over time, and so has the competition. Firms such as IBM and Rackspace, among others, have joined the fray. The field of cloud computing now includes a myriad of companies all offering services. This card will focus on Google, Amazon, and Microsoft since they are the market leaders at the time of this writing, and have the most mature product sets.


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