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10 Reasons to Choose Offshore Software Development

10 Reasons to Choose Offshore Software Development_LARION

10 Reasons to Choose Offshore Software Development_LARION

What is Offshore Software Development? Offshore Software Development is a model in the field of information technology, where companies and organizations hire software developers or development teams from other countries (often in countries with lower labor costs) to carry out software development projects. These development projects typically involve building applications, software, or other information technology solutions for clients worldwide.

Hiring an offshore development company gives businesses access to talent and technology worldwide, bringing significant advantages. Let’s explore the 10 benefits of offshore development with us now!

1. Access to a Talent Pool

Offshoring software development involves outsourcing tasks to a global workforce, providing access to diverse and skilled professionals worldwide. Unlike local hiring constraints, this approach helps overcome local talent shortages by assembling specialized teams for unique project needs. The result is a higher-quality product and success for each project

2. Flexibility in Scaling

By using offshore software development solutions, it enables businesses to have flexibility in scaling development teams according to project needs, helping them to prevent overpayment and save time on employee searches. It also provides diverse cooperation models, allowing you to choose the most efficient solution for your current challenges

3. Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing tasks like software development, business owners particularly in non-IT businesses can rely on experienced teams to handle technical aspects. This approach ensures efficient resource use, allowing non-IT businesses to benefit from advanced technology without diverting focus from their core competencies.

4. Targeted Staff Skills

Businesses can hire offshore developers on a contract basis to address current project needs without committing to long-term obligations. This approach enables the formation of specialized teams tailored to specific project requirements, streamlining recruitment and optimizing staffing budgets by focusing on immediate needs.

5. Cost Reduction

Offshore software development is cost-effective because of the considerable savings it offers. The hourly rates for app development vary depending on the offshore partner’s location. Choosing collaboration with countries in Asia such as Vietnam, Singapore, or Philippines can save 50% or more on development costs. This is because these regions typically have lower costs of living, leading to more competitive hourly rates compared to other countries. The money saved can be redirected to other critical areas of the business, contributing to overall financial efficiency and strategic allocation of resources.

6. Faster Development and Speed up Entry into the Market

Offshore development stands out for its ability to speed up the development process and enable a faster entry into the market. When organizations collaborate with offshore providers, they have access to a limitless capacity of skilled professionals. This resource allows for significant reductions in the time required to bring a product or service to market. It provides organizations with a competitive advantage, allowing them to introduce their products or services more quickly and respond more effectively to market demands

7. Eliminating Costs and Administration

Administrative tasks or expenses related to internal hiring, such as paperwork, performance evaluations, HR procedures, healthcare benefits, are also reduced by using an offshoring development team. With outsourcing, organizations streamline their operations and manage workforce costs through a monthly fee. This approach helps eliminate the complexities and overhead related to traditional internal hiring processes.

8. Faster Recruiting

Offshoring enables faster recruitment by bypassing the time-consuming steps involved in traditional internal hiring. With an offshoring software development company, a development team can be built within days or weeks, significantly reducing the overall recruitment timeline. This quick process is advantageous for meeting immediate project needs and adapting to active market conditions.

9. Time Zone Advantage

Working with offshore IT professionals in different time zones offers the advantage of continuous product development. As the internal team finishes their workday, the offshore team begins theirs, ensuring round-the-clock progress and accelerating project completion.

10. Risk Mitigation

By partnering with experienced offshore development companies, organizations can avoid project risks. These companies bring established processes and best practices, reducing the likelihood of project failures or delays. Additionally, offshore teams provide valuable insights for better risk assessment and mitigation strategies, enhancing project risk management.

How LARION Helps With Offshore Development Team

LARION – your trusted global software outsourcing partner. As a tech company with headquarters in Vietnam, our goal is to provide custom solutions and skilled development teams to businesses all over the world, no matter what size or industry they’re in.

With more than 20 years experience, we help our customers access a team of talented experts according to their needs without wasting time and effort on recruitment, as well as eliminate other tasks in managing teams.

In addition, using LARION’s offshore software team is a way for businesses to minimize risks and focus on their main business.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced software development partner in Southeast Asia, contact LARION JSC today!

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