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Do it right the first time all the time–process-centric SCM shows you the way

Wherever there is a desire for quality, everyone is aware of the Quality Doctrine “Do It Right The First Time”. With the ever increasing demand for faster product delivery, in conjunction with globally distributed development teams, process centric Source Configuration and Management (SCM) has gained a lot of importance and has caught the attention of many CTOs and CIOs. In software development environments it has become a particularly challenging task to implement a disciplined process, along with the use of effective tools and technologies to achieve this goal.

The need for effective use of processes, people and technology as a result of multiple and geographically distributed development centers, new processes (i.e.SOA, Agile, ITIL, etc), n-tier architectures, and demand for more end-to-end trace-ability has brought this issue much more to the forefront.

Enforcing mandatory process steps, meeting auditing and compliance goals, ensuring proper approvals, communicating and managing change across globally distributed teams is one of the biggest challenges that project managers and corporations face as they seek to deliver higher levels of quality for their products.

Project managers who are responsible for managing and ensuring quality deliverables across all the activities within a project life cycle are attempting to implement a disciplined process, along with use of effective tools and technologies to achieve this goal.

Industry analysts like Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Ovum, and Meta Group have all predicted a surge in the implementation and need for comprehensive life cycle management , change management and SCM tools for all types of enterprises (small, medium and large) worldwide. Project Managers and Enterprises are seeking to bring in the best practices for automation of Project lifecycle processes through unified configuration management and change management.

With regulatory compliance needs such as Sarbanes-Oxley, CMMI, 21 CFR Part 11 etc and the desire to keep up with internal quality goals and objectives, Configuration Management and Change Management have become important aspects which can no longer be ignored.

Distribution of application or product development across multiple locations, across multiple organizations, across multiple vendors, calls for better process support, increased need for a common repository with fast, reliable, and controlled access to manage change to the project artifacts. Process-Centric SCM tools that provide such structure and comprehensive features are guaranteed to show you the way.


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