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Metrics for Project Management: Formalized Approaches.

Metrics for Project Management: A Formalized Approach describes a comprehensive set of project management metrics in an easy-to-read format. Through a unique presentation of metrics through the categories of ‘things,’ ‘people,’ and ‘enterprise,’ you’ll learn how metrics can:

  • Guide you toward informed decisions
  • Help the enterprise recognize the sum of its collective capabilities
  • Ensure that plans for producing and delivering products and services are consistently realistic, achievable, and attainable
  • Link the efforts of individual team members with the overall success of the project
  • Indirectly promote teamwork and improve team morale

This methodical, logical approach to metrics will help you:This methodical, logical approach to metrics will help you:

  • Gauge the success of the project team through specific tools
  • Assess the motivation, performance, and behavior of team members
  • Assess organizational capabilities and collective project management performance
  • Handle enterprise issues: project management maturity, competency, and project portfolio management
  • Establish a metrics program
  • Select metrics and implement schedules

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