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Innovation in Financial Services: A Dual Ambiguity

This book gathers together some of the most up-to-date thinking in the growing field of innovation in services and more particularly, in financial services. It explores the peculiarities of innovation in financial services firms and surrounding market players, discusses the open nature of the innovation process, and analyses its success factors and its interplay with strategy and performance. This book provides topical insights on the challenges facing the financial industry, such as the convergence with other sectors, and the increasing regulatory burden. By combining multidisciplinary approaches and by selecting a number of cutting-edge research models, theories, empirical findings and practitioners’ insights, it offers unique, contemporary and multidimensional perspectives on innovation for a sector of paramount importance for the running of economies around the world. This book comes at a time of turbulence, uncertainty and within an industry in need of vision and strategic foresight. By synthesizing multiple views from academia and practice, it opens the agenda and contributes to the on-going debate of redefining the multi-polar role of innovation in the financial industry.

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