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DevOps – A Solution To Quick Releases

Quickly releasing a new product or new features to the market is a challenging task for the organizations worldwide. The toughest job is to bring together all the distinct groups such as Development, Quality Assurance and IT Operations to get the work done in a quickest way to release the product as soon as possible.

It has been seen that processes and practices are kept on evolving to overcoming those challenges. Just a decade ago there is no such term called DevOps exists in our corporate world, but later in 2009, a methodology defined a set of processes to collaborate and communicate the Development, Quality assurance, and IT operations to reduce the time to market the product significantly, which is popularly called as DevOps.

The DevOps methodology is a set of practices designed to overcome the gap between development, QA and Operations by effective communication and collaboration, incorporating continuous integration process with automated deployment. The purpose is to set up an environment to develop, test and release the software product to the market quickly and reliably.


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