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Business Analysis Practical Workshop

In this Technology Industry 4.0 era, Business Analysts rise up as one of the most popular keywords in job finding worldwide. Business analysts pore over company data and use their findings to help management make business decisions. Therefore, a business-related degree is helpful for either career, certain specializations can put you on an easier path to a successful career as a financial analyst or business analyst.

In LARION, in order to satisfy increasing users’ demand, investing in improving the business analyzing skills is our first priority. This not only results in benefits for the business in the long run but also develop their own careers, and keep them challenged and engaged. In addition, Business Analysis Practical Workshop is required for all LARION’s employees, we made this training session suitable for Developer, Tester or even student of the University/ College in IT, Accounting, Information Management major, which have the curriculums as follow:

  • BABOK Overview
  • BA Core Concept Models
  • Agile BA
  • UI Design Principles
  • Requirement Verification & Validation
  • Underling Competences
  • Requirement Analysis and Specification

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