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Is Automation Testing Really Needed In Agile Software Development?

In the current market scenario, agile methodology for development and testing is growing in popularity. This is the reason that many testing teams are upgrading to the agile management. There are many good agile testing tools from project management to automated testing tools.

In my opinion, no matter which methodology we consider, automation is a crucial candidate in reducing testing efforts drastically. If practiced through the use of established disciplines and with an intended focus on continuous improvement and agility, automation tools will benefit the testing team and overall product development a lot. In contrast, it is seen that projects which were driven using waterfall model were not inclined towards automation with a sense of priority. The main reason for this used to be the mindset of the teams and people involved used to be very static and the roadblocks created due to phase approach. Not much of the tests were repeated unless there is a retest cycle which for a major bug fix.  At best, some builds used to adopt automation, but it used to be very rare to find automation in waterfall project. Though we cannot say this with much more confidence about the scope of automation. It is only that the teams used to ignore doing automation testing.


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