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Why, How and When to Automate Software Testing?

Being as a Software Test Engineer you might have come across a situation where “Why, How and When to Automate Software testing?” Some testers are thinking of Automate Software testing is no more advantages than manual testing and we also hear from some readers on using Automation to test the application.

Listening from different opinions, I thought instead of answering questions individually it would be better to some logical discussion here. The automation testing is such a huge topic to discuss on, so I suggest our smart readers from different areas to contribute your experience on automation testing in below comments.

The manual testing is more preferable over automation testing in following cases:

  • If UI of the system under test is changing more frequently, so after every time when the UI changes then the Automated script needs to be updated accordingly.
  • If you have tight release deadlines and no enough time to automate the system then I prefer to go with manual testing instead of Automation testing.
  • If Identify the test cases which are going to be executed initially once and do not automate such test case.
  • To do automation testing you should have the skilled resources with having sufficient programming knowledge. If you do not have the skilled resources to automate the application under test or if you are not ready to invest time and money to educate peoples on automation testing to build good automation team then don’t go for Automation testing.

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