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3 IaaS Cloud Computing Trends to Watch

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a broad term that applies to a range of services — servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more — that are provided via the internet. The term may seem daunting or vague, but in reality you probably already use cloud computing services on a regular basis.

Suppose you’re working on a major video project that requires collaboration across your marketing team. Since you’re located off-site, you create a Google document to draft a script that your co-workers can keep and edit in realtime. Once you’re satisfied with the format, you save the final copy and email it to the rest of the department.

After a few days of filming and editing, your production team uploads the finished product to your company’s social networking sites, where it can be shared and viewed time and time again. Congratulations! You have successfully completed your video project using cloud computing every step of the way — from editing your documents and sending emails to storing files and streaming content.

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