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An Overview of the RUP Architecture

This valuable section offers a concise explanation of the RUP architecture. It starts with the popular hump chart, shown in Figure 1-4, which illustrates the overall RUP architecture. This figure contains information on phases, iterations, milestones, disciplines, their inter-relationships, and the lifecycle concept. This section focuses primarily on establishing a foundation from which you will be able to achieve the most value from this book. This foundation will enable you to clearly appreciate the relationships between different components of RUP architecture, as illustrated in Figure 1-4. By the end of this section, you will look at the RUP hump chart differently; you will be able to discuss why some disciplines should be there in your organization’s specific rollout of RUP and how phases, iterations, milestones, and disciplines are related. This chapter also discusses the importance of disciplines, phases, and iterations in iterative and incremental development. Let’s now discuss these components in a little more detail.

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