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Migrating to the Cloud

As cloud computing matures, its value becomes better known and better understood. Cloud hype is now transitioning to competitive and economic pressure to accelerate software capabilities. Migration of applications to the cloud is no longer “if” but “when” the IT organization will have a deep understanding of cloud opportunities and limitations. Moving the wrong applications could result in huge, expensive projects that do not meet expectations while failing to move the right services could mean lost opportunities.

This paper is business case-focused, which means the migration to the cloud should have a clear business benefit. We’ll provide concepts designed to help you better understand the value proposition for the use of cloud-based platforms, as well as suggest approaches and tools to help you understand the existing state of your applications, and how to approach the migration of those applications. You’ll also see how you can benefit from moving some or most of these applications to public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms, and how to monitor that value, once your cloud-based systems are in production.


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