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Fintech and New Opportunity

In the past few years, Asia’s economy has been growing significantly along with Information Technology blooming development; which brought new advances to lifestyle of society and people. Also, the term Fin-tech (financial technology), has been the most popular keyword among finance field. Every day, people use more and more technologies for their daily routines, such as ordering coffee, shopping at home, booking movie tickets etc… Hence, the top industry trends include lending and payments are taken by banks and financial institution. Making us question how far Fintech benefits are. This topic will demonstrate how important its impact on IT area, especially in Vietnam.

Vietnam has the population of over 90 million people, mostly are youngster and nearly 80% use Internet today. However, according to analysts’ researches, there’s 30% of them have bank accounts and only 3% use credit cards. Technological institutions and businesses take this as opportunities to exploit new Fintech technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, to help provide financial services etc…

To keep up with this trend, LARION– an IT outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City, serving clients in more than 15 countries- has been collaborating with their partners to exploit potentials of Fintech. Based on their 14 years of software development experiences and a professional team of experts, LARION is approaching state-of-the-art tools in order to identify growth-oriented of this trend. Many new projects are being developed to create applications satisfying users’ demand, bringing more security in money self-management, online businesses operating etc…

Furthermore, LARION is one of 20 leading companies in the field of IT Outsourcing, Ruby on Rails development, Offshoring. Lastly, Fintech technology in this 4.0 industry is changing day by day; it will definitely bring up growth in amount of the customer and profitability. Therefore; LARION will constantly improve service quality, team’s competency to catch up with rising market requirements in 2018 and years to come.

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