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Critical Cloud Capabilities for the Enterprise

What do IT executives look for in cloud service and platform providers? Which capabilities, technologies, and services are most important? How do organizations prioritize performance, management, interoperability, and migration as they consider new cloud implementations?

To answer these and other pressing questions, Computerworld worked with Triangle Publishing Services to conduct a global survey of IT professionals in midsize to large enterprises that have experience with public and private clouds. The researchers received feedback from more than 300 IT leaders and practitioners including executives, developers, and architects, throughout North America, Europe, and Asia in a variety of industries. The consensus was clear: Cloud computing is now broadly accepted as an economical way to share a pool of configurable computing resources. 87 percent of the businesses that participated in the study said that they look to cloud initiatives to lower capital expenses, and 84 percent of them to reduce operational expenses. Improving business agility and making better use of IT resources were equally important. A desire to achieve these results is driving steady growth in cloud workloads.

The respondents offered candid feedback on many other business issues and IT issues. What are the key considerations associated with using public and private cloud technologies? Which cloud models are popular for various business workloads? Is the cloud ready to support mission-critical applications? Can organizations effectively integrate applications, data, and services between public and private cloud environments? Do today’s cloud offerings satisfy the rigorous requirements that characterize on premises data centers? These were some of the questions that the researchers set out to answer.

In the remainder of this paper, we will drill into the details of this research as we identify best practices for cloud initiatives. We will examine the challenges that today’s IT professionals face and discover the solutions that Oracle offers to help customers drive successful cloud projects. As we will see, developers, line of business (LoB) managers, and operations personnel all have a role to play in these initiatives.


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