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Best DevOps practices for 2017

As DevOps practice moves into 2017 it important to emphasise the collaboration and communication of both software developers and IT professionals

Because the idea of DevOps is still so new, experts are continually having to hone what they view as a best practice.

At the start of the New Year, many people make their own personal goals clear for the year (whether or not they intend to keep them), but employees tend to head back to our work desks without reassessing how projects are going. They just jump back in unquestioningly and continue down the path they were on before the holiday.

Mindless plodding away at a goal that had been set too far in the past is perhaps the biggest business mistake they can make. Reevaluating approaches is often the difference between stagnation and real innovation.

A willingness to change tacks and the agility to do so speaks volumes about an organisation – that flexibility is quickly rewarded by a market which demands responsiveness from its providers, and it can be a big differentiator between a company and its competition. With that in mind, there are six big goals that employees can adopt as DevOps practitioners that will have enormous results on our ability to answer the demands of the end users.


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