Linh Truong – Hong

Linh Truong – Hong

Scientific Advisor
Software and services innovation need dedicated researches. By bridging the gap between research and industry, LARION is one step ahead of others, becoming an innovation hub for IT software and services


Linh Truong is currently a professor of Aalto University, Finland. He carries out research and teaching in service engineering analytics of large-scale systems for IoT, Clouds, and Big Data. As a Scientific Advisor, he will help LARION to build its cutting-edge technologies and engineering processes for the ever-changing, competitive market of complex IT software and services.

Linh Truong has  20+ years of experiences in complex software and large-scale systems. He has held several academic and visiting positions in leading universities in Europe, US and Asia. He has consulted leading companies as well as led many European research projects. Further information can be found from his linkedin:

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