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What Is A Social Community?

A social community is one that starts from an authentic place and is built around a common interest. Take a look at your product, brand or service and think about the people who love or have a passion for what you do, or are in need of what you have to offer. Those are the people who want to be part of your community. But first, you need to find each other, and the relationship needs to be mutually beneficial.

Now that we’ve pondered who your community is made up of, let’s talk about how to make it social. This is actually done in a variety of ways all working together. We’ll call this a triple threat, the 3 A’s:

  • First and foremost (everybody says this and they’re right), you have to be AUTHENTIC, with a capital A! What I mean by this is your personality has to shine through and your intentions need to be clear. We are living in a new world as far as communication is concerned and your intentions need to be crystal, especially in social media. Start by personalizing most of what you are saying, internalizing it and letting it come from ‘I’ and not ‘We.’
  • Second, you need to be ACCESSIBLE. This may mean via email or telephone or in person OR in social media. Accessibility is key! For a social community to take off and truly be social, people have to know that you exist, that you’re a person and that you care about them.
  • Finally, you need to be ADAPTABLE. People say the following all the time… “Why should I try this when it’s just going to change next week, next month, or next year?” Well, that ‘s true, things are going to change fast, but if you live by that motto, then you’re never going to get in the game with your customers. It’s time to jump in, and then adapt as technology evolves.


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