Eric Lai

Eric Lai


Eric Lai is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LARION. As one of the original co-founders of LARION in 2003, Eric provides the visionary guidance that has led to LARION’s outstanding growth and successes in client software development on an international basis. He is based at LARION’s headquarter in HCMC, Vietnam.

As a self-starter with an entrepreneurship mindset, Eric is one of those rare individuals whose talents encompass both commercial acumen and outstanding technical expertise. Eric’s personal strength is as a natural leader. He achieves that fine balance between leading the strategic vision and driving forward business and technology initiatives to provide the highest possible outcomes for every client project.

Eric’s depth of passion for software development is supported by a long standing belief in collaborative working practices. LARION provides an environment that promotes trust and quality led disciplines across the whole organisation. Through his guidance LARION provides an environment that values trust, honesty and the use of quality led disciplines. His drive to never stop improving on quality has allowed his staff members to utilize, strengthen and grow their talents whilst creating innovative solutions and successes for LARION clients.

With an impressive and diverse professional portfolio, Eric’s expertise covers several industry sectors including Telecommunications, Healthcare and Financial markets across the US, Europe and Asia where he has gained his extensive experience of successfully managing the full lifecycle development of state-of-the-art applications for a number of high profile organisations. Before forming LARION Eric served as a key faculty member at NIIT, a leading global talent development corporation. Prior to joining NIIT, he fulfilled the role of Head of Software Development for Arrive Technologies Vietnam (a US high-tech telecommunications start up). Before joining Arrive Technologies Vietnam, Eric was Manager of the Software Department for Next Level Communications Vietnam, which was acquired by Motorola.

Eric holds a Master’s Degree in IT Engineering from HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam. He is an Executive Member of the Board of Executives for HCA [Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association] and YBAHCM [HCMC Young Businessmen Association]

Favorite Books:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki (2000)
  • The Breakthrough Company, McFarland (2009)
  • Good To Great, Great By Choice, Built To Last, Collins (2001, 2005, 2011)
  • In Search of Excellence, Peters and Waterman (1982)

Favorite Quote:

  • You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw


  • Spending time with his wife and two young sons, friends
  • Reading books
  • Recreational sports such as swimming, billiards and table tennis.

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