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See what you can do when you combine your customer and property data with Google Maps

Improve communities
Create a strong economic base by identifying and understanding local communities with unique characteristics.

Analyze potential
Understand neighborhood trends and market values to better help new or existing customers find a home.

Track customers behavior
Understand land purchasing patterns that display how and where you’re effectively reaching your audience.

Improve marketing campaign
Visualize demographics of valuable customers and customize marketing campaigns based on location data.

Improve customer satisfaction
Visualize previous tenants and other resident histories to analyze neighboring properties and to help customers understand market values.

Improve maintenance
Easily allocate in real time the closest landlord or maintenance worker to coordinate repairs and reduce revisits to properties.

Organize multiple properties
Quickly update property visits with automatic reports to help understand contractor efficiency and fraud.

Coordinate technicians
Locations needing maintenance and repair can be pinpointed to where field technicians are available.

Improve repair times
Maintenance and customer information is gathered into one view, providing customer service with a clear picture.


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