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What you need to know to make the best real estate decisions in the fast-paced world of tech

Do you fear for the future of the tech industry because of slowing VC investment and a dry IPO pipeline? Fear not.

True, economic expansion in general is beginning to slow after nearly seven years of growth. But the technology sector is still the leading industry for real estate expansion and employment growth. In short, it’s not going anywhere but up—it just might be going up a little more slowly than we’ve gotten used to.

Our 2016 Tech Outlook compiles tons of research into one report that covers everything you might want or need to know about tech today in the United States. If you want to dive deep with us, get it here. But if you just want the gist, here are the top 10 trends we identified—with charts!—to help you understand tech’s role in our economy, and your company’s role within it.


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