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On-Cloud vs. On-Premise: Why Choose SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service, has always been a favorite and reliable software distribution model amongst small and medium businesses. The term SaaS has been around for a decade now, and is one of the most widely known branches of cloud computing. With the rapid expansion in the IT industry today, cloud technologies, particularly the SaaS model has been the most adopted one across all business verticals in the world.

There are varied reasons for why business organizations prefer SaaS over the On-Premise model. Easy accessibility over the internet via a browser, low investments, and complete reliability are some of the main reasons. Let’s have a look on further benefits of choosing SaaS.

# 1 Scalability With growing needs and business expansion, you would like to give access of the services and applications to new users. This is where the scalability feature with SaaS is going to help you out. You just need to upgrade the SaaS model, and not your entire IT infrastructure. This would allow you to grow with minimum investments.

# 2 Easy Implementation Studies reveal that software or web applications on the SaaS model can be implemented more quickly with least disruption to the workflow. Where as, the On-Premise takes almost double the time. SaaS doesn’t require any new software or hardware installation, and hence it becomes available easily and immediately.

# 3 Easy Accessibility For accessing SaaS-based software applications, all you need is an internet connection and a compatible device that runs a web-browser. This suggests that SaaS application can be accessed from remote areas as well with a smartphone, laptop or tablet.You don’t need to be available in your office premises every time to access SaaS-based software applications.

# 4 Lower Cost SaaS applications don’t need huge investments on hardware installation and maintenance. The maintenance cost of IT infrastructure is much more, while the SaaS subscription costs are remarkably low. Also, you don’t need any initial set up cost here, and pay only for what you use. Hence, the total cost of ownership reduces significantly.

# 5 Enhanced Security and Reliability SaaS applications offer enhanced security against all potential threats. With your data on the cloud, you always have a backup which could be helpful in the case of unforeseen disasters. You can totally rely on the added security features and tools available on SaaS applications. All the security features are upgraded automatically, and you don’t have to look for system updates manually.


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