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Khanh Ngo-Duy

Solution Architect

LARION since: 2007

Just after his graduation in Computer Science from the Fergusson College, India, Khanh has been with LARION since 2008. In his 6 years of journey, Khanh has proved himself and his skills in the field of software development, through many projects he handled at LARION. He has contributed significantly to LARION by providing CTFL (Certified Tester Foundation Level) training courses, various working-process training courses, building the software development processes that meet the CMMI Level 3 requirements, and effective leadership and team building for projects, which he manages being a Technical Lead as well.

Because of having vast experience in stock trading application and strong technical skill, personal skills, he also acts as the main contact point for dealing with all technical issues raised from the customers. Since he holds such a vast experience and refined skills in technical area, he enjoys greater chances to become a CTO in the future.

Before joining LARION, Khanh explored his skills and gained valuable experience in free-ware development, addressing customer needs, which greatly added to his success and versatility.


  • Playing billiards
  • Keeping freshwater fish.